Google Trends: Trump Children and Obama Family vs. Trump Family

gtseo Written By Lauren Yard

Trump Children

I did a trends search on all of the Trump children over the past seven days given the inauguration last week and interestingly I found that Ivanka and ten-year-old Barron are significantly more searched than their siblings. Ivanka makes sense because she is an advisor pick for President Trump. However, the level of searches for Barron is really surprising given his age and relative importance to the state of affairs in the country. Additionally, Donald Trump Jr. who is taking over the business for his father has an extremely low amount of searches compared to his sibblings despite his status as a seemingly big player for the family.

Trump Family vs. Obama Family

I also compared the last twelve months’ worth of searches of the Trump family to the year preceding Obama’s inauguration in 2009 for Obama family searches. Surprisingly, The Obama family was more searched both when Obama was elected and near the inauguration. This may be due in part to Obama’s family being relatively unknown to the majority of the country. If this was the case though then the Trump family searches would not be as high as they are. Unsurprisingly, the Trump Family has a larger number of spikes in searches preceding the inauguration especially when President Trump went to the RNC. Interestingly however, these spikes in family searches dwarf the elections and inaugurations of both presidents.


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