Sports Data Analysis

Barry Bonds’ Home Runs By Season
By Lauren Yard

Barry Bonds' Home Runs By Season
Interactive Graphic
The graph above shows the home run totals by season for Barry Bonds over the course of his career. Bonds currently holds the record for most career home runs, most home runs in a single season and the most number of MVP awards. As shown in the video below, Bonds made a career out of breaking MLB records.

His career took a turn in 2005, just 4 years after he defeated Mark McGwire‘s single season home run record. After sustaining a major injury to his knee which required surgery, Bonds only continued on for another 2 seasons.

After being accused of taking performance enhancing drugs during the BALCO scandal, he left the MLB. He was originally charged with obstruction of justice in the case against BALCO due to his alleged omission of information durring his testimony at trial but these charges were subsequently dropped in 2015.




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