Economic Downturn and Potential of Bridgeport, Chicago

Ramova Theatre, out of business since 1985.
Photo by Lauren Yard

By Alheli Garcia, Stephen Ruiz, and Lauren Yard

Bridgeport, a community of nearly 32,000 people located on the South Side, is known for its blue and white collar workmanship and diverse community developed nearly 200 years ago.

Neighborhoods in Bridgeport historically thrived mainly on local businesses including restaurants, convenience stores and department stores.

The once thriving community is now primarily filled with vacant storefronts as shown in the story map below. Due to a deteriorating economy, many storefronts are now vacant. This causes local market values to decrease significantly.

“Businesses were better back then, when the stores weren’t vacant here,” said Elaine Sakellariou, owner of George’s Restaurant located down the street from Guaranteed Rate Field. “All the kids in the neighborhood had a job back then and would start working at 14 years old. The storefronts were full; if you needed shoes or a dress for a party, there were stores to go to.”

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Google Earth Engine Timelapse: Romeoville Town Development

By Lauren Yard

This Google Earth Engine Timelapse covering the development of Romeoville, IL shows the full scale of development in the community since 1984. The population grew by more than 171 percent between 1990 and 2012.

As the number of people and families has grown over the past few decades, a number of towns in the Chicago suburbs have been developed and re-zoned to replace farm lands with new neighborhoods for the booming populations.


Time Capsule: History of the World Cup

By Lauren Yard

Interactive Graphic

The timeline above shows the major historical events of the World Cup from it’s start in 1930 to the amazing “hand of god” play by Diego Maradona in 1986.

These games have seen quite a few news worthy moments over the past 80 years, especially the Jules Rimlet trophy‘s many theft attempts.


Top 10 Cities with Major Drinking Issues

By: Lauren Yard


Interactive Map 

The map above showcases the top ten cities in the US with drinking problems according to an article by Men’s Health Magazine based off of a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control.

The top cities were indicated by the magazine and did not use a scientific process to do so. Their rankings were based on the number of deaths from liver disease, number of DUI arrests, number of deaths resulting from DUI crashes, level of binge drinking, and finally by how harsh the city’s DUI laws are.

Sports Data Analysis Continued

Salaries of Chicago Blackhawks Players 2016-2017

By Lauren Yard


Interactive Graphic

The graph above shows the distribution of salaries paid to the players of the Chicago Blackhawks. With 17 players earning only 17.22 percent of the overall income for the team.

This income distribution is not rare in the sports world due to various salary cap policies put in place by organizations like the NHL. These caps are largely based off of the previous years profits for the league as a whole.

These caps are meant to prevent the monopolization of star players by teams with more money and often result in a handful of the best and most well-known players making 10 to 20 percent of the salary cap while other players make only a small fraction of what is left.

Patrick Kane makes more than 24 times the amount of money that the lowest paid player, Dennis Rasmussen, makes per year. However, these high salaries make it more difficult to retain many of the best players which often results in trades to maximize the benefits of the salary cap and talent pool on the team. This was a contributing factor to the trade of Patrick Sharp to the Dallas Stars after his third Stanley Cup win in 2015.